How to survive your first few hours on Stand Up Paddleboard August 5, 2013 - I used to do yoga on a regular basis.  Hot yoga in fact.  There are a few skills and strengths that hot yoga taught me, including how not to panic when starting a completely new and foreign sport that requires … Continue reading
Fun distraction .. corporate BS generator August 28, 2010 - If you are stuck for what to put into your executive summary for that high profile project you’re trying to get approved, try out this site: The Corporate B.S. Generator. Some of the generated phrases are frighteningly close to the … Continue reading
One of those days .. where’s Batman? December 23, 2009 - Thanks Rachel (Maui Tattoo) and Amanda, this is perfect for today’s theme … From:
Super powers that people wished they had… May 14, 2009 - Well, been working way too hard, so here’s a bit of a humour break.  The graph below shows the results of a user poll “What super-power do you wish you had”… Thanks to Adam B for the tip!